Offer your customers a delightful experience with a touch of zero contact!

Offer your customers a delightful experience with a touch of zero contact!

Introduction to Go contactless dining

Contactless dining allows restaurant staff and customers to have a seamless dining experience. It's a futuristic service that allows customers to order from the comfort of their own seats while employees focus on meeting their needs and delivering excellent service. In addition, contactless dining is also in high demand, with more than 1 in 6 customers requesting contactless service for added safety and convenience when dining out post-pandemic.


What is contactless dining?

It can be simply described as the new era of dining. Contactless Dining facilitates a safe and hygienic dining experience by eliminating certain touchpoints that could lead to direct or indirect human contact. This improves the dining experience for both diners and restaurant staff.


Benefits of contactless dining 


*It increases the table turnaround time.
*It improves order accuracy.

*It minimizes the touch points

Go contactless app user journey

After a hectic day, A customer would like to have dinner in a pleasant environment and he came to know that there is a restaurant that has setup-ed a contactless dining system. After hearing that the customer got an eagerness to see how contactless dining works. so he planned for dinner in that particular restaurant.


After reaching the restaurant, he saw every table in the restaurant was packed and guests were swiping the menu on their mobile phones. It made the customer even more curious, so he sat down at his table and scanned the QR code.

After scanning the QR code, he chose a language which he wanted to continue with and then entered his name and mobile number for confirmation. Once he submitted the
details, The restaurant manager approved the table request approval.

(The restaurant manager can also enable the auto table request approval. To know more click here)

Then he curiously looked into the categories of the menu and placed a double cheeseburger meal with a large coke. Once he placed the order, the order will be directly displayed in the kitchen through the kitchen display system. The customer wanted to add some more veggies to the burger, so from the special request option, he requested to add extra veggies to the burger.  

Once the order is placed the KOT will be sent to the kitchen and they start preparing the food.

Meanwhile, the customer was waiting for his order, he noticed that the table was not cleaned properly. So he called the waiter through the app and asked him to clean the table properly. once the table was cleaned. The order had arrived, and he happily enjoyed the meal.

After he was done with his meal, he proceeded to the checkout through the app. Once he checked out from the app, the due bill is generated.

The manager will process the due bill into the invoice so that the customer can make the payment.

The customer has multiple payment options from the restaurant. He can do UPI payments from the app itself or he can do cash or card payments.

Once the customer settled his bill, he will get the invoice bill from the restaurant and leave.

Later that day, the manager can see the sales and transaction summary reports from the report section.


As the restaurant industry continues to evolve, customers can expect to find ways to make their dining experience quicker and easier. In order to improve the customer experience and ensure safety, restaurateurs are introducing contactless dining. The use of contactless dining will have a powerful impact on restaurants as well as transform the dining experience for customers.