New update to ensure 100% protection to your 'Privileged user (admin) accounts!

New update to ensure 100% protection to your 'Privileged user (admin) accounts!

Nowadays, we hear malware attacks by professional criminals that threaten us very frequently. However, do you know that you are silently ignoring another serious threat that's happening in front of you? Yes, they are the access of the Privileged User accounts by unauthorized individuals!

You might be unaware of the power that these accounts (admin users) hold. If you fail to pay immediate attention, you are sharing your company’s valuable data to be misused by anyone around you.

What is a Privileged user account?

A privileged user (admin user) account is a type of login account that has unlimited permissions using which one can access sensitive and valuable company information, read/modify the business configurations, and, grant/remove access to

Why is it essential to protect and keep the credentials secured?

These accounts are powerful, and there is a high chance that the powers can be misused by anyone if not protected. There is a high chance that these accounts are misused when the admin user accounts are managed with a common password. Creating or resetting your privileged user account details and granting access to authorized individuals helps provide role-based access to other employees and monitor all operations.

How can we secure privileged user accounts?
We at Gofrugal, ensure your business is highly secure with OTP verification for confidential activities to verify whether the user is authorized or not. So, here's a new update on the HO solution! You can now reset the username, password, and contact details of the privileged account during login, ensure the account is handled only by an authorized individual, and prevent security breaches.
  • Go to the login screen of the HO solution
  • If you log in with any of the privileged user account's user names, i.e 'admin, superuser, super-admin & administrator' accounts, you will be asked to reset your username and password on the same screen
  • Once the username and the password are updated, you can add the authorized person's mobile number and email id
  • Enter the OTP received in the authorized person's mobile/email and verify the account
  • Now you can log in using the updated username and password
Pre-requisite: Update to HO version 67.92

By spending just 2 mins of your time resetting your privileged account details you can stay away from risks and protect your accounts 100% and gain control over all the activities happening in your business.

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