Quick add/edit customers in your mobile POS (GoBill Mobile) now without depending on your POS server.

Quick add/edit customers in your mobile POS (GoBill Mobile) now without depending on your POS server.

Do you miss out on your customer details entered in the GoBill mobile if the sale is not made? Or do you depend on your POS just to quick add the customer/edit previously saved customers? It's no more a hassle. Now you can quickly add your customers directly in your GoBill mobile POS without actually making a sale and even edit it.  

Whenever a new customer is added via the quick add customer option in GoBill mobile cart, the customer details will be instantly posted to the RPOS server and it gets saved. So even if the cart is cleared without saving the sale, the customer details get saved, and it can be accessed immediately on the server or in GoBill mobile for the next sale itself.

Quick Add customer screen
Quick Add customer option

Similarly, for the already created customers, once the required customer is added to the cart, it can be edited by clicking on the customer details. The customer edit window will be opened and the details can be edited and saved.

Customer edit screen
Customer edit option in cart screen

Steps to enable the auto save quick add customers and customer edit options: 

1. For RetailEasy(RPOS7) users: Disable "Don't save quick add customer in master" in Configuration

Configuration to enable autosave quick add customer in RetailEasy 7
2. For RetailEasy(RPOS6) users: "Autosave quick add customer and "customer edit" works by default
3. For RetailEasy OnCloud users: Customer edit will work by default. Quick add customer without sales feature will be released soon. 

Benefits of auto-save quick add and edit customer feature in GoBill Mobile: 

  • Autosave of quick customers prevents missing customer details added during the checkout time even if the sale doesn't happen.
  • Edit customer option in GoBill mobile lets you edit the customer details directly at the mobile counter and during billing, without redirecting customers to other counters. 

With these new features released, you will now depend less on your server system and bill more using your mobile POS itself. 

If you want to know more about this feature or about GoBill Mobile, let us know in the chat below, and we will be happy to help you out!