Sales Order now in GoBill

Sales Order now in GoBill

Introducing Sales Order in GoBill, the new age billing application.

Does your business involve taking customized orders or pre-orders regularly? Isn't it exhausting to run behind a server machine every time to take a sales order? What if we say taking sales orders on any GoBill counter without depending or redirecting the customer to the server machine is possible now?
Yes! GoBill is now geared up with the much-awaited sales management feature "Sales Order". It makes extremely convenient for your sales team from any GoBill counter to perform sales orders. This way you will never miss the orders even for "Out-of-Stock" products.
The order placed in the GoBill will reflect directly in the POS and other counters, which renders you to raise the purchase order or convert the sales order directly into sales bill seamlessly. 
With this sales order now you can avoid messing up with the orders taken in papers especially for the phone call orders by taking the orders directly in the POS and convert them into a sales bill with minimal click and without manual error.
There might be situations when you are unable to fulfill the orders and consequently lose customers to your competitors. But that's fixed now with the Sales Order. You can take sales orders and issue them with the sales order receipt to hold them back. 

Steps to use Sales Order in GoBill

Step 1:

Open GoBill and click on the dropdown button next to invoice on the top left, and select Sales Order.

Step 2: 

Once you open Sales Order, you can add items to the cart and place order. 
*Note: For Sales Order, it's mandatory to add customers. 

To load the Sales Order created previously,
Step 1:

Click on the load SO in the invoice screen.

Step 2: 

Select the Sales Order to be loaded and create the sales bill without missing a single item.

With Sales Order you can
  • Reduce multiple manual works with automated sales order workflow
  • No need to depend on one counter. Sales orders generated can be available centrally across all the counters
  • Give an acknowledgment receipt of the sales order generated to the customer

To use Sales Order in GoBill, your GoBill version must be above V1.0.6.0.

To download the latest patch click here, GoBill_Setup

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