What are the three new AI-based features added to your OrderEasy app?

What are the three new AI-based features added to your OrderEasy app?

Are your customers shopping less due to a lack of accurate and interesting product recommendations? Are you worried about losing customers because the 'Delivery is unavailable to your Pincode' message at the time of checkout? Worry not! Gofrugal's OrderEasy is upgraded with three new features that can make you receive more orders, get extra business, and earn lots of profits!

What three new features can you start enjoying immediately if you have Gofrugal OrderEasy?

1. Recommendation Engine – Serves as Business Assistant

Like YouTube, which lists just the videos you like, OrderEasy will list the brands your customers like the most, orders they probably missed, and recommend products they would like to order. Recall when you placed orders for products because they were shown as recommendations, which made your job easier. 

2. Let them know delivery options right at the start

Even before taking the customer's order, OrderEasy would collect the Pincode to let them know if their orders can be serviced at all. Thus, saving them anxiety and irritation later. All of us have been there, and we don't want your customers to feel that way. 

3. New UI that makes shopping easier

OrderEasy app's UI has been made more attractive, incorporating features that your customers prefer, thus helping them purchase easily, order more and have a great overall shopping experience.

How to enable these features in the OrderEasy app? 

That's the best part. You need not do anything to enable these features. All you need to do is get the OrderEasy app, and everything will be readily available for you without any hassle. 

How will you benefit from OrderEasy's AI-based features?

1) You get to sell more as product recommendations will make your customer's shopping experience easier, and they will be happy to shop more
2) You can show the most popular brands to your customers, and this will help them establish a connection with you to trust and shop more
3) When you offer customers the possibility to deliver right from that start, it saves them from unwanted frustration and will them from abandoning any future purchases
4) Easy navigation and attractive UI helps in motivating the customers to shop from your app more, and this will create a sense of brand recall for them to come back to your app for shopping again and again
5) Offering personalized recommendations helps your customers feel special and valued. So, offering this will turn them into brand ambassadors. 

If you want to know more about this, let us know in the chat below, and we will be happy to help you out!