How to add customer in GoBill Mobile (SellQuick)?

How to add customer in GoBill Mobile (SellQuick)?

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Keep your doors wide open for new customers.
GoBill Mobile helps you process checkouts to old as well as new customers with just a couple of taps and saves the details across all your counters instantly. 

Generally, the customer names created in the POS application will be available in the GoBill Mobile app. We can also add customers directly to the application.

Step 1: Select the items to be billed and click on the cart menu in the app. Click on the "+ " symbol near the cart option to add the customer and click on the customer name  to add the customer  details



Step 2: Click on the  "+ " symbol and enter the customer name and mobile number and click on save and click on the tick symbol to add the customer to the bill




Step 3: Click on checkout to complete the transaction.  The customer name will be added to the bill.



Step 4: Select the payment mode and proceed to complete the transaction.