Alert Cashier beyond Sales Limit

Alert Cashier beyond Sales Limit

Alert Cashier beyond Sales Limit





This helps in control inventory and prevent loss due to overstocking or other issues that can arise when sales go beyond what is sustainable for the business. When the sales limit is reached, an alert message will notify the cashier that they should stop taking orders or processing transactions until the limit is reset or adjusted.


Note: New feature is added in cash and shift management where by cashier system users can be alerted using sound when the cash limit goes beyond a certain limit. For example, suppose a value of 25000-/ is set for a particular cashier and as soon as the cashier collects cash above 25000, the application will start to make beep sound for a specified time, indicating the user to withdraw the cash from the counter. Once withdrawn, the next alert will happen when the limit is again crossed. Please note system will alert the users when the limit is crossed with in the same shift id. This is particularly useful for those customers who would like to clear the cash from counters from time to time.




- Help to optimize their stock levels and ensure they have the right amount of inventory on hand to meet customer demand.

- Help businesses better manage their operations and reduce the risk of financial loss due to fraud or theft.

- Help to improve customer satisfaction by ensuring that customers can find the products they want when they want them.


Steps to configure for the Alert Cashier beyond Sales Limit:


Step 1: Login as Service User


Go to Tools > Configuration > Configuration