How to configure Banners and news in OrderEasy app?

How to configure Banners and news in OrderEasy app?

In most online shopping apps, we can see banners and news scrolling on the home page. Retailers want to display some promotional banners in their app and also want to communicate to their app users about their services, offers, information etc... The same experience has been brought to OrderEasy app. 

Using "Banners" and "News" feature in OrderEasy, retailers can interact with their users about their business happenings and information related to their service. They can upload the banners/news section in the integration portal and the same can be seen by the customers in their online app.

Let us see how to add banners in your online store app:

Step 1: Log in to using your credentials

Step 2: Go to Configuration-> Banners and news configuration. Click on "Add banner" 


Step 3: Click on browse to upload the image.

Step 4: Choose the banner and click on upload.

1. If you want to map any items or categories to the banners and redirect them to the product upon clicking, then select "Yes". 
2. You can map either a set of products or categories to the banner.

Step 5: Map the items/categories based on your choice to the banner and click on "save".

Step 6: You can add new banners by clicking on "Add banner".
Note: Maximum of 10 active banners can be displayed in the app

Step 7: Now, in your online store app, your customers can be able to see the banners on the home screen. 

Step 8: Upon clicking the banner, items that are mapped to the banner will be listed.

Similarly, you can also map a set of categories to the banner and your customers can be able to see the same upon clicking the banner.

Steps to inactive a banner:

Most of the Retailers want to modify their banners on regular basis. In OrderEasy, retailers can add multiple banners and also disable the existing banners.
For example, if a particular retailer wants to display a promotional banner only for a week, he can display for a week and disable it later.  

1. Click on the pencil icon on the banner image.

2. Use the toggle button to change the status to "InActive"

3. Click on Update. The banner will be disabled from the app.

Steps to add news in your online store app:

1. Go to Banner & News configuration->Add news


2. Type your message/news and click on "Update".

 Few examples:
1. "Orders placed today will be delivered only on Monday. Kindly, cooperate with us"
2. "We will be resuming our services from next week"
3. "Contact 9898948963 for any queries"
4. "Stay safe at home. Let us deliver your groceries at your doorstep."


3. Once it is updated, you can see the status as active and the same news will be displayed in your application.

Steps to inactive news from the app:

1. If you want to disable the news from your store app, click on the pencil icon.

2. Use the toggle button to change the status to "Inactive" and click on "Update".

3. Once it is made inactive, it will be disabled from your store app. You can change the status to "Active" if you want it to be disabled.

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