FAQs - Practice Login

FAQs - Practice Login


01. What is Practice Login?

It is a login provided for users who are new to retail transactions and wants to practice or train other users with some sample/dummy data. The users can train themselves in making different type of transactions viz. masters, sales, purchase, inventory etc. in the same manner as in a live session.

02. What are the steps involved in Practicing via practice login?

 a. Setup practice login from.

  Tools >> Configuration >> Create practice database [Live Copy]

 b. Create an user id for the practice user from.

     Tools >> Configuration >> Security Manager

 c. Login with the created user id and password.

 d. Start practicing the transactions in the practice session

03. Does it affect the data in the live login?

No. The data created or modified in the practice login will not be reflected anywhere in the live login. It is safe and best for practicing without affecting the live data.

04. What are the other purposes of a Practice login?

Apart from practicing, users can validate or test a new functional feature which is going to be implemented in the product. It provides a practice mode and a test mode at the same time.

05. What is the distinction between live login and practice login? / How can a user distinguish a practice login from a live login?

The screens in the practice mode are shown in a different color theme. This helps the user to differentiate between the two logins.

06. How can I add a new practice user?

Please read section 2 under "Steps to create Practice login" for better understanding'.

07. Can I use the practice user id for live login? If so, how can I do that?

Yes. you can use the same userid for live login.
In the Security Manager screen, click Edit to open the edit page.
In the User Type field, press ENTER or F2 key to change from Practice user to Live user.


08. How many practice users can I add?

You can add as many users as required.

09. Can I clear the data stored in the practice login?

As of now, there is no option provided to clear the data from the practice login. We may come with the required solution in future.

10. What are the major limitations of practice login?

Practice users are restricted
  • to access VAT reports, security manager etc.
  • to print data
  • to backup the transaction data etc.

11. Will practice login work from client machine also?

Yes. Practice login works in server and client machine.

12. Can I stop the practice login setup creation when it is in progress?

No you can not stop it. Once, you click Yes, the setup process starts and you have to wait for 2-20 minutes (depending on the data and the system hardware) to complete the setup.

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