Generating Serial Number during Sales

Generating Serial Number during Sales

Generating Serial Number during Sales


Purpose & Benefits:

The purpose of generating a serial number during the sales in RetailEasy Electronics POS is to uniquely identify each product sold. This can be helpful for many reasons, including:

  • Tracking inventory: Serial numbers can be used to track inventory levels and identify where a product is located. This can be helpful for preventing theft and ensuring that products are not sold more than once.

  • Managing warranty claims: Serial numbers can be used to manage warranty claims. This can help to ensure that customers receive the correct warranty support for their products.

  • Resolving customer support issues: Serial numbers can be used to resolve customer support issues. This can help to identify the specific product that is causing the issue and provide the customer with the correct support.

In addition to these benefits, generating serial numbers can also help to improve customer satisfaction. This is because customers appreciate knowing that their products are uniquely identified and that they can be easily tracked if necessary.


A Few examples of how serial numbers can be used in RetailEasy Electronics POS:

  • A customer purchases a new laptop. The salesperson generates a serial number for the laptop and enters it into the POS system. This ensures that the laptop can be easily tracked in the future.

  • A customer returns a defective television to the store. The customer service representative scans the serial number of the television and looks up the warranty information. This helps the customer service representative to determine if the television is still under warranty and what type of warranty support is available.


Condition to process for Generating Serial Number during Sales:

If this configuration is not enabled then even while making a purchase entry, Serial number Generation will happen.

Step 1: Go to Inventory > Masters > Items