Gobill - Session Management

Gobill - Session Management

The Session Management is to manage user wise cash inflows & outflows in the billing counters. It captures all transactions that results in direct cash flow. The Session Management is applicable only for RetailEasy, RetailEasy Supermarket and RetailEasy on Cloud Users.

Session Creation:

Why Session Creation? 
The major benefit of session management is to prevent mishandling of cash at the billing counters there by preventing cash discrepancies completely. 

Now, let's see how to Create Session, you can create it in the main screen and Click on Create Session or Click on Session and then Click on Create as shown in the below images.




Once Clicking on Create Session, the window will show to enter the Opening Cash. Enter the Opening Cash and click on Ok.




Now, the Session has been created.



Session Ending:

The Purpose of Closing the session is to know what is the actual amount that was actual opening cash, amount spent and the balance cash for the day.

In order to close the session, click on End session button as shown below.



At the time of Closing the cash, either we can enter the total amount directly that is available in Hand, or We can enter the Cash denomination if required. To enter the cash denomination, Enable the Cash Denomination Required Option.




Enter the Denomination as per the cash available in hand and click on Ok as shown below.



Now, the session has been closed.


Cash Out Entry:

The purpose of Cash out is to maintain the cash that we take from the cash drawer for any type of expense.

Let's see how to make Cash out entry. In the Menu--->Click on Session

For Example: If you want to take the cash out for petrol expense or tea or snacks then click on cash out in the Session screen.  




Enter the amount with the reason to have better track of Cash Activity and click on Remove cash.


Here, we saw the Creating, Ending Session and Cash out from the Main Session menu, apart from that we can also create the same from the right side flyout menu (Login Button), there you can find the options to create, end session and Cash out. 


Viewing of Cash Activity or Transactions Overview:


The purpose of Overview and Cash Activity is to know the cash flow and how many sessions has been created and how many has been closed with the cash detail and also, we can find the details for which the cash has been taken from the cash drawer.


In order to view the details, Click on Session, there it will load only the sessions of the current logged in user. There you can see the Overview and Cash Activity.


Click on Overview--There you can check the payment summary based on transactions done. 



In order to take the print of Overview details (Transaction Details) Click on Print button as shown below.


Cash Activity:

To View the Cash Activity, Click on Cash Activity as shown below, you will view the details of the cash that has been taken from the Cash Drawer.  Here we might require taking print of the Cash Activity, in order to do so, To Print the Cash Activity, click on the print symbol that is highlighted.


Search by Date Filter:

Here, we have a new feature to view the Overview of Session Transactions and Cash Activity using date filter. Now, let's see how to search by date filter.

Click on Menu--Click on Session. There, you can see the filter by date option as shown in the below image. Click on that, provide the date that you want the details to be shown and click on Apply. 

Thus, by creating the Session and Managing the Session, we can track the cash activity and maintain the business properly.

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