configure GoBill Windows

Steps to configure GoBill Windows with RetailEasy RPOS7

Pre-Requirements for Go-Bill:

    1. Windows - 10 or 8.1 or Windows 7 SP1 above

    2. Minimum 4GB ram.

    3. .Net framework version - 4.6 and above.

    4. POS should be having the Web-reporter service in running state.(To test the same try hitting <customerId> in browser).

    5. If Web-reporter is not running check in start -> services ->  GoFrugal RPOS6 WebReporter /GoFrugal RPOS7 WebReporter and Start the service.

    6. If the service is not found, try to install it from open POS -> Tools -> Add On Products -> GoFrugal SmartReports.

Activate Gobill:


Step 1: Go to Help -> About Gofrugal Retail Easy.

Step 2: Select Add on License.

Step 3: Search for Gobill Windows and click on Try & Buy.

Step 4: Gobill Trial will be activated with 5 user count and 30 days validity.


Counter Creation:

Step 5: To create a counter for Gobill, go to Tools -> Add on products -> Sell Quick/Smart -> Mobile device counter.





Step 6: Enter Counter Name, Description, Invoice Starting Series, Select the company, Location, live stock deduction and Add on product type as GOBILL and click on SAVE or press F6.

(Note: Stocks will be reduced based on the Location mapped in Mobile device counter & If customer will use Gobill in Offline then the Livestock deduction should be set as â€œNO”.)

Main Category Mapping:

Step 7: We have to map the Main Category so the Categories under it will be displayed in Gobill with the respective items for it.

Step 8: To map the category, go to Tools -> Configuration -> Categorywise configuration.


Step 9: For Mobile device search press Enter and select the Category and click on SAVE.

User Creation:

Step 10: Go to Tools -> Configuration -> Security Manager or Ctrl+Shift+E.

Step 11: For Counter Sales role click on Users.

Step 12: Click on Add Button.

Step 13: Enter Username, Password, Mobile Number, Mygofrugal Role and the other optional fields and Click on Save, so the user will be created.