How to configure Razorpay integration with OrderEasy app?

How to configure Razorpay integration with OrderEasy app?

With the advent of UPI and online payments over the last 5 years, customers have switched to online payment modes from the traditional COD. And especially during this pandemic, consumers are preferring contact-less payments over Cash on delivery. To enable your customers to make seamless online payments, we have partnered with Razorpay and launched Payment integration feature in OrderEasy app.

You will have to create a Razorpay account and integrate with the app to receive online payments like UPI, Net banking, Credit cards and Debit cards.

Follow the below steps to start receiving online payments through OrderEasy:

Click on Payment configuration to get started in the back end Portal under Configuration
Step 1: Razorpay account creation
Use the link to create the Razorpay account and complete the Email Verification, Account activation & KYC verification:

NOTE: If you already have a RazorPay account, you can move on to the next step directly

Step 2: Authorizing your Razorpay account:
Upon completing the Email verification, account activation and the KYC process click on the authorize button where you will be redirected to Razorpay, login to RazorPay with your credentials and confirm the authorization to get your Razorpay account integrated with the app


Step 3:
Upon successful authorization,click on "Done" to complete the payment integration process


Note: Once all the steps are completed,please make sure the Razorpay integration feature  is uploaded to your app in Play store and App store,If not please reach us to get the latest update and then enable the Online payment mode(Razorpay) in the portal

Step 4: Enabling Online payment mode:
Click on OrderEasy app configuration to enable the Online Payment mode (Razorpay) to allow the users to make payments using the following mode at the time of placing the order


How to accept payments through Razorpay?

  1. Login to your dashboard 
  2. Go to Transactions

3.Click on the payment in authorized state, which opens a panel to the right of the screen

4.Select `Capture Payment` present at the top of the panel in order to capture the payment

5.Confirm to capture the payment and your authorized payment will be captured successfully

RAZORPAY commercials for each transaction: (Razorpay offers a special scheme for Gofrugal customers that for the first Rs.50,000 worth transactions would not attract any commission charges. This offer is valid until March 2022)
Payment ModeSpecial Transaction fee for Gofrugal customers
Credit Card1.8%
Debit Card <20000.2%
Debit Card >20000.9%
NetBanking - HDFC & Axis1.65%
Netbanking othersINR 18
UPI >20000.4%
UPI < 20000.12%

FAQ's Regarding Payment Integration:

1. Should I wait for the KYC process to get completed after successfully completing the email verification and account activation to receive payments?
No, Once the email verification and account activation is completed you can authorize your Razorpay account with GOFRUGAL but the amount received for your orders till the KYC process will get credited to your bank account after the KYC process. Till then you can check the transactions in your Razorpay dashboard

2. How do I refund my amount when the user cancels the order?
The refund can be initiated using your Razorpay dashboard to your user against the particular transactions. Please refer to the link to know how to process a refund from the Razorpay Dashboard:

3. How do I refund the amount to my users if my user returns few products after placing the order or at the time of delivery?
The amount for the returned products can alone be refunded to your user by partial refund process in Razorpay against the particular transaction. Use GOFRUGAL's GoDeliver to automate your delivery process and manage Delivery returns seamlessly.

4. How long will it take for the refund amount to get reflected my user?
Standard refund process takes 4 to 5 days to get completed and if your willing to provide your user with the best customer experience and trust, you can opt for instant refund process in Razorpay where the transaction charge for refund would be 0.15% of the refunded amount

5. Will I have to bear the transaction charges for the cancelled orders and for the orders in which products are returned?
Yes, Razorpay will not refund the transaction charges to you since it was a successful transaction from their side.(Transaction charges applies only after the transaction of first one lakh rupees)

6. Will the cancelled orders and the orders in which products are returned be included in the first one lakh rupee transaction?
Yes, they will be included as they were successful transaction from their side

7. Why should I capture the payments I receive and how do i do it?
It is necessary to capture every authorized payment you receive in Razorpay dashboard to confirm the payment otherwise the authorized payments will be refunded to the user automatically. To know how to capture the payments please refer to the given link: 

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