Sales Return

How to do Sales Return in GoBill Windows?

Sales Return is the menu used for recording the items that are returned by the customer to the store due to defective item, item bought excess or wrong item purchased.


Benefits of Sales Return:

  • Eases return of the item by selecting it from sale bill of the recent transactions

  • Calculates the exact item price to be refunded for the items that are returned by the customer

  • Records the return transactions against the specific bill to avoid confusions

Steps to perform Sales Return in GoBill Windows:


Step 1: Open GoBill and click on Create Session.


Step 2: Expand the menu on the left top corner and click on Sales Return.



Step 3: Click on the required invoice for which the Sales Return has to be done.




Step 4: Select the Item that the customer is returning and click on Proceed.



Step 5: The item will be loaded to the Sales Return screen. Click on cash or any other tender you need. Then enter the amount to be returned and click on OK.


Step 6: A copy of the Sale Return receipt will be printed. Click on Done to proceed to the next bill.



Note: In GoBill it is possible to perform Sales Return for the sales bills that were made from other counters too.
With these steps, you can do Sales Return for any previous transactions and issue a refund of the exact amount that is paid by the customer during their purchase. 

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