How to implement OrderEasy PWA and How to configure an online payment option for PWA

How to implement OrderEasy PWA ? and How to configure an online payment option for PWA?

What is PWA?

PWA stands for Progressive Web App. It is nothing but an app interface optimized for mobile browsers.

Benefits of PWA:
i) Convenient shopping experience (within fewer clicks)
ii) No download required, less memory consumption
iii) Runs on both Android and iOS phone browsers
iv) Easier to use, update, and promote
v) Faster loading speed

all these benefits will make more people use it, which means more Orders, which means more profit.


Note: For the best experience, it is recommended to access the web app on a mobile phone browser since it is optimized for mobiles only.

How to get your OrderEasy 'Web App' (PWA) link?


Step 1:

Log in to the integration portal with your credentials.


Step 2:

Go to... 'Mobile App' menu -> 'App Builder'



Step 3:
Click on the 'PWA Configuration' tab on the 'App Builder' screen...



Step 4:
Domain URL for web: Enter your URL you want to use for your web app in the text box.

Note: If you enter 'khushisupermart' as your URL in the field, your domain URL will be ''.

After entering the domain URL, click on the 'Save' button. This will send us your request to generate your web app link.


How to configure an online payment option for PWA?

Step 1:
To provide an online payment option on your web app (PWA), log in to your Razorpay portal.


Step 2:

Click on the 'My Account' from the menu panel on the left side,


Step 3:

Go to the 'Profile' tab on the My Account screen.


Step 4:

Scroll down to an option named 'Business Website/App details'. If it is blank, enter your web app URL.



If you have entered a different website at the time of registration, then please raise a support ticket asking to replace your website as your PWA link from the last tab in the 'My Account' screen. Click on the 'Write to us' button on the top right corner to create a ticket.





1) Select the category as 'Account Configuration/Changes'.

2) Write a brief description of your request & mention your web app link.

3) Click on the 'Submit' button to submit your request.

4) Then a support ticket will be generated and a ticket number will be provided to you for tracking & follow-up purposes.

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