How to Quick-add items to cart in OrderEasy app by scanning the EAN codes ?

How to Quick-add items to cart in OrderEasy app by scanning the EAN codes ?


Consumers often look forward to easier and simpler ways of placing orders for the items they wish to buy, especially when it comes to groceries, food and beverages that are basic and essential needs. EAN codes for items are specific and unique to a particular product type and now by scanning the EAN codes of the items you wish to purchase, you can quick add them to the cart, with OrderEasy app.



  1. Customers can now add the items from anywhere, anytime by scanning the EAN code without physically visiting   the shop or browse the items in the app to pick and add them to the cart.
  2.  Let the customers scan the EAN code from the items bought earlier right from their home, or look   for EANcodes which are displayed in the advertisement boards and add them to cart.
  3.  Ensure faster checkout of in-store customers by scanning the EAN codes of the picked items then and there and   adding them to cart.

Steps to quick add items to cart by scanning EAN codes in the OrderEasy app.


1. To start with we need to set the configuration in the integration portal.

    Goto Configuration >> App settings and "Enable item scan feature" and

    click on SAVE.






2. To create EAN code for items.

  •      Login to POS (RPOS -6) with the credentials.

  •      Goto Inventory >> Masters >> Item master.

  •      Enter the EAN code with other details for the item and click on SAVE.



3. To sync the items from the POS

  1. As and when new items are added they have to be synced with the Integration portal for the changes to get reflected in the app.
  2. Login to the Integration portal with the credentials.
  3. Goto Manual Sync and click on the sync now option from"Pull items from POS" option.



4. To scan the items in the app, click on the scan button next to the address bar of the

    the home screen of the app. Scan the EAN code and the items will be automatically

    added to the cart.




 You can add the number of items or quantity and proceed with the payment.



Hope you are now clear with process of adding items to the cart by scanning the 

EAN code of the items.


Note :  Experience the feature of adding items to cart by scanning the EAN code with the latest apk version of OrderEasy.