How to request for an app update from integration portal?

How to request for an app update from integration portal?

Every week GOFRUGAL OrderEasy gets an update with new features and attractive enhancements. These new features can be availed only with an updated app. Using this new feature, you can request an update of your app to the latest version in a few clicks from the integration portal and experience the newly released feature at the earliest.

Steps to request an app update using the integration portal.
(For existing OrderEasy users)

Step 1:
Login into the integration portal -> then click on ‘Mobile App’ from the left menu panel -> click on ‘App Request’.

Step 2:
On the ‘App Request’ home screen -> click on the 'Request App' button in the upper right corner.

Step 3:
A new window will pop up in front of you. Here you can fill in all the details to submit your app-related request. 

i) Requested By: Type in your name. (The person who is requesting an update)

ii) Platform: You can select any one of the platforms of app you are requesting for.

iii) Contact No.: (Only available while raising an iOS request) Enter the contact number of the SPOC person, to contact for access needed while updating the iOS app.

iv) Purpose: Mention the purpose of the request. Here you can specify whether the request is for an app update or to develop a new app.


After providing all the necessary information click on the Submit button at the bottom.


Note: If you own a personal app store account, then we will reach out to you in a maximum of 48 hours to get the required details to upload the app. Kindly, provide contact no.