How to upload item and category images in bulk

How to upload item & category images in bulk?

The image uploading process consumes a lot of time & effort for retailers while launching their online ordering app. To help them accelerate their go-live process, here we introduce a new feature, where retailers can upload item images on the OrdereEasy integration portal in BULK!

Let's see how to do it...

Step 1:

Go to, "" & login with your credentials.

Step 2:
Click on the "OrderEasy" add-on icon to open your integration portal home screen...

Step 3:

On the OrderEasy add-on portal home screen, on the left menu panel, click on... Master -> "Bulk Image Upload Configuration".

Bulk Image Upload screen will appear in front of you...

Step 4:
A)  First, store all the item images in one folder & category in another. You'll also need 'SKU code' of all the items and 'category ID' of all the categories for your reference.

B) To map an image to an item or category, the image name should be the SKU code of that item or the category id of that category. e.g.: If '1' is the SKU code or category id, the name of the image should be '1.png/jpeg'.

C) If you want to upload multiple images for an item, you need to save the image name as SKU code & add '_ 1 ' next to it & so on. e.g.: '1_1.png/jpeg' , '1_2.png/ jpeg' , '1_3.png/jpeg... etc.).

1) You cannot add multiple images for categories.
2) All types of image formats are supported.

3) Maximum image size supported: 5 MB.

Step 5:
A) Choose which images you want to upload from the given choices (Item or Category). Then click on the 'Browse' button.

B) Locate the images from your local drive & click on Open.
Note: Please make sure that you have to multi-select the item's images. You should not upload the folder.

C) After clicking on 'Open', you'll see all the images will be loaded on the 'Bulk Image Upload' screen. Portal will validate all the images for their size & format. The valid images will get listed on the left side of the screen & invalid images will get listed on the right side.

D) Then click on the 'Upload' button on the upper right side of the screen.

The process for uploading the image will start.

Once the process is successfully completed, you can go to the Item Master screen to check if images are uploaded correctly or not.

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