Overview of Prescription upload feature in OrderEasy

Overview of Prescription upload feature in OrderEasy

In pharmacies, the prescription is mandatory for certain drugs that should be sold only under the approval of a licensed health care practitioner. 

In OrderEasy, users can attach the prescription along with the medicines while placing an order.

Store set-up configuration for Pharmacy customers:

While doing the store set-up configuration in the integration portal for Pharmacy customers, vertical should be selected as "PHARMACY"


Prescription uploading process in OrderEasy:

1. Once the app is published, user can find Prescription upload feature in the check-out page

2. User can add the items in the cart.

4. Now, while placing the order in the check-out screen, user can upload the prescription by clicking on upload prescription. Customer can take a snap of the Prescription using Camera or upload it from the Gallery.


5. After inserting the prescription and click on Upload. The prescription will be uploaded successfully and the customer can place the order.

Prescription viewing process in POS:

1. Go to POS sales order screen
2. Choose the Order
3. Click on "Show Presc" using Alt+Ctrl+F11 shortcut
4. Upon clicking, the prescription will be displayed.

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