Add the best security to your business login with SmartAuth

Add the best security to your business login with SmartAuth

Are you scared of insecure user logins to your systems? Have you faced issues with your password breach? Every business needs a security mechanism more than just a password login. But you don't have to spend a lot on it. What if we say you can add an extra layer of security with just your mobile phone? Yes! We heard you. Gofrugal introduces the 'SmartAuth' login, a multi-factor authentication login (MFA) for RetailEasy users.


We are also happy to announce that with the introduction of the SmartAuth feature in RetailEasy, Gofrugal becomes the World's most secured POS/ERP solution for your business.


What is SmartAuth?


SmartAuth is a digital solution that offers an additional layer of security to RetailEasy users while logging with the help of 'mygofrugal' app.


What are the benefits of SmartAuth?


SmartAuth helps with


  • Multi-factor authentication that increases security with third parties and organizations.

  • Defining better control of who has access to your files. Only the right person gets access to the relevant files.

  • An additional layer of security but without any extra cost or installation. All you need is a mobile phone and your 'my gofrugal' app to enable it


What are SmartAuth's two types of login?


1) SmartAuth - It is a password less login.


2) SmartAuth + Password - It is a multi-factor authentication login




How to configure SmartAuth for RetailEasy?


Before we get into the steps for configuring SmartAuth,


Go to Help -> About -> Add-on license -> Click on 'Try & Buy' adjacent to "SmartAuth"


Step 1: Go to Tools ----> Configuration ----> Security Manager


Step 2: In Security Manager, select 'Security type' as 'SmartAuth' or 'SmartAuth + Password'


Step 3: A pop-up window asking for authorization appears; click on 'Ok'


Step 4: You will receive a push notification in your 'mygofrugal' application.


Step 5: Click on the notification on the mobile and acknowledge the change by clicking on 'Verify'


Now, the SmartAuth security type is activated.


Step 6: Once you activate it, log in to your system with your username and select login.


Step 7: Check the push notification on your 'mygofrugal' app and click on 'Verify'


Step 8: Verify your identity using a fingerprint or pattern


Now, you are logged in securely!


You can also enable SmartAuth + Password login for MFA.


* If you face any challenges logging in due to internet connectivity or mobile issues, don't worry. Wait for some time and select the 'Try another way' option.


Click on 'Ok' to authorize this selection and login using your password. Simple!



Gofrugal's SmartAuth offers one of the highest levels of security that all organizations should aim to implement. Don't miss out on the World's most secured POS/ERP solution for your business! Get it today.

Please refer to the following video to know more about how SmartAuth works.


Let us know your doubts/queries in the comments below!

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