How to schedule sync for item and customer master in HQ for OrderEasy?

How to schedule sync for item and customer master in HQ for OrderEasy?

A scheduler configuration must be created for the Item stock to be synced periodically from POS to HQ so that the stock will be synced even to OrderEasy integration portal.

Steps to create sync scheduler:

1. The Schedule can be created in the HQ menu Scheduler Configuration

Go to-> Admin -> Configuration -> Scheduler Configuration

2. In the Scheduler configuration screen click on the Create Schedule Button.


3. In the opened window choose the service type as Item Stock Schedule and the required Time In duration and Time interval for the sync and click Save.
4. If the interval is given as 5, then the stock sync will happen from POS to HQ automatically every 5 minutes.
5. Now go to OrderEasy integration portal, click on "Reset sync" in the integration portal and then click on "Item sync". 
6. Once the sync is completed, stock will be updated for the items in all outlets.

Enabling Customer SYNC for outlets: 

Customer Sync for the Outlets must be enabled in the outlet master for the Outlets.

1. Goto Admin-> OutletInfo, Click on the outlet name. 
2. In the Outlet Master, under Outlet Attribute List Information tab select CUS_SYNC as Yes

3. Click on Update,
4. Now, go to OrderEasy integration portal and click on "Customer sync" in the manual sync process.

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