SellQuick - Print in POS print profiles.

SellQuick - Print in POS print profiles.

SellQuick now supports POS print profiles.

Generally, retailers would customize the print design as per their requirement which adds more value to the print by providing more information. As SellQuick now supports POS print profiles,  The purpose of this feature is to retain the design customization's done in the POS and select the required print profiles for the billing, order and return transactions which will be an added advantage to the retailers as the print format would be the same when done in POS or in SellQuick.

Pos print profile mapping can be done in 3 simple steps:

1. Print Type Selection:

Click on settings->POS print profile->Select Print type->Enable "POS Print"

2. POS print profile Selection

Settings->POS print profile->Select Pos Print Profile

i) Click on the required transaction  "Sales" / "Orders" / "Sales Return"
ii) Click on "Change Template" to change the profile

iii) Select the required profile
Note: Only GoBill Supported POS print profiles will be available in the change template screen.

Print Preview is available for each profile.

3. Printer Selection:

Settings->Printers->Select the printer brand->Enable Print Receipt.

For more information about the printer configuration, Please refer the steps mentioned in the following video:

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