Steps to create Appstore account for OrderEasy

Steps to create Appstore account for OrderEasy

Steps to create an app store account

 1. We need Apple ID to start the account creation

2. To create an Apple ID. Open the URL below and fill the details.!&page=create

3. Open the URL to register, Enter your apple id and password then continue.

 Review the agreement and click submit to continue.

(Note: To enable two factor authentication for apple id.) 


On your iPhone or iPad:
  • Go to Settings.

  • Tap Sign in to your device.

  • Enter your Apple Developer account username and password.

  • Complete the sign in.

  • Tap Password & Security.

  • Tap Turn On Two-Factor Authentication.

  • Tap Continue.



4. Select entity type as Company/Organization and click continue.



5. Fill in your Company/Organization details and DUNS number. In case you already don't have a DUNS number for your organization, please create one from!/search


6. Fill the contact information. After filling contact info and save, it'll take 2 days from apple store side to verify the details and get back to you. You'll get a confirmation mail from Apple after verification.


7. After that you can log in back to the developer account, Read the apple developer program license agreement and click continue.


8. In the next step, confirm all the entered information is correct. 

9. Click Purchase to complete your purchase (an annual fee of $99).

10. Enter your payment information and click continue to complete the setup.

11. Once we have completed the payment process, we will receive an email from apple approving our payment.

(Note: The payment verification might take a few days.) 

Important steps to be followed before sending the invitation to GOFRUGAL:

1. As part of the iOS review and publication process of your app, it is mandatory that all the items and categories in your app have images. If you send us an invitation to publish the app and we upload it, the app will be rejected during the review process since they find it a testing or dummy app and do not consider it a real e-commerce shopping app.

2.  There should not be any category that does not have items under it. All the categories that are displayed in the app should have some items (along with the images).

3. If you think that it will take a lot of time for you to upload the images for all items, then we recommend you to activate 25 items and 6 categories online and upload the images for those 25 items and 6 categories and inactivate the rest of them. Please make sure that the 6 categories should have items under them with images. 

After you complete the above steps successfully, you can proceed with providing the admin access to us for publication.

To provide admin access to the user to upload the app.


Click the '+' button in the top-left corner of the page.


  • Enter the gofrugal users details.

           Note: Please send the invitation to . Do not send invitation to "".
  • Grant the user with the App Manager role.

  • Enable 'Access to Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles'.

  • Click invite to send an invite to the new user

Account access levels

  1. Admin - can access all the apps
  2. App Manager - can edit all aspects of the apps


Our dev team will accept the invitation to upload the app to the app store.

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