View Item Name & Location on Sales Screen - Rack/Shelf/Box Details

View Item Name & Location on Sales Screen - Rack/Shelf/Box Details

View Item Name & Location on Sales Screen - Rack/Shelf/Box Details


RetailEasy Pharmacy POS serves as a comprehensive POS system designed specifically for pharmacies, offering a range of features and functionalities to streamline operations and enhance customer service. Among its many features, the ability to view item positions, such as rack, shelf, or box locations, along with item names on the sales screen is a valuable one.



The primary goal is to address the significant issue of inventory skew in the pharmacy vertical. This aims to enhance the management of rack, shelf or box locations by introducing an organized numbering system. This numbering system serves as a serial identification method for precise tracking and efficient inventory control.

Problem Statement: The existing challenge within our pharmacy vertical revolves around the inventory discrepancies and disorganization, particularly regarding the location of items on racks and shelves.

Proposed Solution: To mitigate these issues, we intend to implement a systematic numbering system for rack and shelf locations. This system will replace the arrangement with an alphabetically ordered structure, allowing for better identification and tracking.



1. Faster Checkout: When customers can easily identify and select the products they need, the checkout process becomes faster and more efficient. This can lead to shorter queues and reduced waiting times, improving overall store operations.

2. Reduced Customer Queries: Displaying item positions can also reduce the number of customer queries related to product location. This frees up staff to focus on other customer service tasks and ensures that customers can find what they need independently.

3. Employee Productivity: Pharmacy staff can benefit from this feature by spending less time assisting customers in finding products and more time on tasks that require their expertise, such as medication consultations and patient care.


Steps to configure and check for the items in Sales screen.

Step 1: Go to Tools > Configuration > Configuration

Step 2: Business Configuration screen will appear. In Sales tab, click on Billing Pharma Settings - Show Item position (Rack/Shelf/Box) along with item name (Enable the checkbox). Click Save.

Step 3: Go to Sales > Sales Bill

Step 4: Bill Entry Screen will appear. Load the items. 

Step 5: Press Shift+F7 and it will show more detail about the item.



In conclusion, RetailEasy Pharmacy POS offers a valuable feature that allows users to view item positions, such as rack, shelf, or box locations, along with item names on the sales screen. This feature serves a clear purpose and provides several benefits, including enhancing the customer experience, improving inventory management, and streamlining store operations. By displaying item positions, the system contributes to shorter wait times, increased customer satisfaction, faster checkouts, reduced customer queries, enhanced inventory accuracy, improved employee productivity, and data-driven decision-making for store optimization.



1. Can I customize the system to match my pharmacy's needs?

  • Yes, RetailEasy Pharmacy POS is often customizable. You can configure it to suit your specific requirements, including product categories, pricing, and more.

2. How does the system help with inventory management?

  • RetailEasy Pharmacy POS assists with inventory management by tracking stock levels, providing alerts for low stock, and allowing easy reordering of products. The system can also display item positions to locate products in the store.

3. Does it support prescription management and compliance?

  • Yes, RetailEasy, offer prescription management features. These may include prescription filling, medication history tracking, and compliance monitoring.

4. Does RetailEasy Pharmacy POS support barcode scanning?

  • Yes, barcode scanning is often supported, making it easy to add products to a sale and update inventory levels accurately.

5. Can I generate reports and analytics with this system?

  • Yes, RetailEasy Pharmacy POS usually includes reporting and analytics features. You can generate sales reports, track inventory turnover, and gain insights into customer buying patterns.


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