What is GOFRUGAL OrderEasy?

What is GOFRUGAL OrderEasy?

GOFRUGAL OrderEasy is a dedicated online ordering application for customers to place orders to your store.

The OrderEasy app is developed for our customers who lack the facility, knowledge, medium or resources to make their presence felt on the online market.

The application will be named as per your store name.
(For ex: SUNSHINE Supermarket will have a SUNSHINE SUPERMARKET app in Play-store and App store)

CLICK HERE to try the demo version of the app.

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    • OrderEasy FAQs

      1. Can customers set a different price for online and offline?                 A. No. Whatever price customer sets in the POS, the same will be reflected in the app. 2. Can consumers get real-time status updates?               A. Consumers will get ...
    • How to share details and raise a request to GOFRUGAL for the app development?

      Once the Playstore/App store account creation is done and an invitation is sent to GOFRUGAL development team, user can share their app details required for the publication through their MyGofrugal app. Step 1: Update the MyGofrugal app from the ...
    • What are the general configurations of OrderEasy app in integration portal?

      Go to configuration -> OrderEasy app configuration There are 4 types of configuration in the screen: 1. App configuration 2. About us 3. Multilanguage configuration 4. Payment configuration 1. App configuration: Retailers, according to their business ...
    • How to configure Banners and news in OrderEasy app?

      In most online shopping apps, we can see banners and news scrolling on the home page. Retailers want to display some promotional banners in their app and also want to communicate to their app users about their services, offers, information etc... The ...
    • Quick steps to implement GOFRUGAL OrderEasy

      Step 1: In POS we need to activate the trial GOTO->Help->About->Add-on license->click Try and Buy for order easy and press Sync. Step 2: Portal set-up from  https://integration.gofrugal.com using your credentials credentials. Mail Id: Alerts mail ...