Unwrapping the Delight. Tender with Paytm in GoBill Windows.

Unwrapping the Delight. Tender with Paytm in GoBill Windows.

Have you ever thought about paying bills in GoBill windows by scanning a QR code or swiping a debit/credit card with fewer taps?

However, occasionally in life, simplicity comes too quickly, isn't that right?
We've got you covered with our latest update, which is the simplest method of making payments to the bills with Paytm.

With the implementation of flexible digital payment methods such as the Unified Payment Interface (UPI), India has made significant progress toward becoming a cashless society. Smartphones can now function as virtual wallets with the new payment system, which can be beneficial to your business. The QR code concept has effectively eliminated the complication of paying the right user with the correct amount.

Your customers can pay their bills made in GoBill windows with a fewer taps, because GoBill windows supports payment through Paytm. Customers can simply scan a QR code or swipe their payment card in a Payment EDC machine to pay their bills.

You can also make your tender modes simpler by including Paytm tender in three easy steps:

- Purchase an Add-on license from the POS
- Integrating the user with Paytm in the integration portal
- Pay bills across GoBill windows.

To know how to Buy Add-on, activate the user in integration portal and get your bills paid via Paytm in GoBill windows, click here!

We will be pleased to assist you if you leave any questions or recommendations in the comment box below. Happy Billing :)