How to process OrderEasy orders in POS?

How to process OrderEasy orders in POS?

Steps to convert Online order [Sales order] to Sales Bill in POS :

1) In POS, press on Sales bill screen

2) In the sales bill screen, click on From SO in RetailEasy6.5 & LoadSO in RetailEasy 7(Shift+F3) option from the shortcut.

3) Select the order which you want to be converted into a sales bill. After selecting the order, you can use the space bar to choose the items on the list.

4) Invoke the tender screen and click on save

5) Order is now converted to sales bill.


1. The status of the Order will be changed to "Completed" in the portal as well as in the app.
2. Click here to know how to change the status of the OrderEasy orders to "Acknowledged", "Dispatched", "Out for delivery"

Configurations to cancel/modify the online sales order:

1) Enable "Allow to cancel online store sales orders" and "Allow to modify online store/ sell smart sales order" under the Sales order menu in the configuration screen in RetailEasy 7.

After enabling this configuration, you can modify the sales order in the sales order screen and also while converting the sales order into a sales bill in the sales bill screen.

2. In RetailEasy 6.5/ ServeEasy 6, you can enable the configuration in the security controller.

  a) Go to->Security controller-> Against the user -> Menu configure-> Sales Order->Screen Operations->Enable Sales Order Cancellation & Online/Mobile/ SO edit/Cancel in POS configurations. 

After enabling "Online/Mobile SO Edit/Cancel in POS", user can edit the sales order by using "SO edit" function key and cancel the sales order using "Cancel web order" function key in the Sales order screen.


b) If you want to edit the sales order while converting it into sales bill in the bill entry screen, then "Allow to edit online Online SO in Bill" must be enabled in the user wise configuration in security manager.

1. Go to->Security controller-> Click  on "User wise config" against the user 


2. Enable "Allow to edit online Online SO in Bill" in the sales configuration and click on save.


After enabling the "Allow to modify online store/ sell smart sales order" configuration (RetailEasy 7) / " "Allow to edit online Online SO in Bill" (RetailEasy 6.5 and ServeEasy), the user can modify the quantity of an item or add/delete an item while converting the sales order into sales invoice in the sales bill screen.

Steps to cancel a sales order in RetailEasy 7:

1. Now, in order to cancel a sales order in RetailEasy 7, go to "SALES ORDER" menu and click on "Pnd_onlin_ord" function key and  choose the order that you want to cancel from the list of the orders

2. After selecting the order, click on "Cancel SO" function key to cancel the order and click on "yes"

3. The sales order has been cancelled

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