How to update the status of orders in integration portal?

How to update the status of OrderEasy orders in integration portal?

Steps to update the status of the orders in the integration portal:

1. Go to Transactions -> Sales orders -> Pending

2. Select an Order. Click on "Acknowledged" to accept the order. Once the order is acknowledged, it will move to "Acknowledged" filter.
3. User can see the status change under "My Orders" in the app

4.  If the order is dispatched, you can change the status to "Dispatched"

5. You can further change the status to "Out for delivery" if your delivery boy is on his way to delivery.

 You can only update the order status in the portal. The status of the order will be changed to "Completed" only when the order is converted into an invoice in POS. Click here to know how to process orders in POS

6. Once the order is converted into an invoice, you will be able to find the order under "completed" filter.

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