How to configure & use Express Delivery feature in OrderEasy?

How to enable the quick delivery option for your customers in your OrderEasy application?

In the current market scenario, a lot of e-commerce companies are meeting customer demands with quick deliveries through the hyper-local delivery model. Now you can also allow your customers to opt for express deliveries through the OrderEasy application by charging additional charges to the customers who demand Express Delivery.


Here are the steps to configure express delivery in your OrderEasy application

           Login to the OrderEasy portal

Step 2:
            Go to Delivery --> Delivery Slot ---> Express Delivery


Step 3:

             Time Interval Type - You can now set the time interval in which you want to do express deliveries. The express delivery time interval can either be in 'mins' or 'Hrs'.  

               Express Delivery Time Interval - Based on the time interval configured, the express delivery time. 


For example: If you have delivery slots created from '10 to 12', '13 to 15' and '17 to 19'. You have configured the express delivery time as "2" and "hrs" at 10, your customers will be to see the '10 to 12' slot under express delivery and other slots '13 to 15' and '17 to 19' under standard delivery. Because '10 to 12' is the only slot which assures delivery within the express delivery time interval that you have configured '2 hrs'.


If you keep the express delivery time interval as 2 hrs, all the slots that assure delivery within 2 hours from the time of order will be visible to your consumer for express delivery until you change the express delivery time.


*The slots which are available in the express delivery will not be available for Standard Delivery.* 




Step 4:
             Delivery Amount type - You can configure how the amount for express delivery needs to be calculated with respect to the standard delivery charges. It can be either a fixed amount (or) percentage-wise.

              Amount (in amount) - Based on the amount type configured you can provide the amount. If you configure your standard delivery charge as Rs 50 and you select the Amount type as 'Fixed', the fixed amount will be added to that of standard delivery charges as Express Delivery Charge (or) if you select the amount type as 'Percentage', the percentage of amount will be calculated from the standard delivery charges and added to the standard delivery charges as Express Delivery Charge.
For example:

If the Amount type is 'Fixed' and the Amount is '50 rupees'. Considering the Standard delivery charge as 30 rupees.

Express Delivery Charge = 50 rupees + 30 rupees (Standard Delivery Charge) = 80 rupees will become the Express Delivery Charge.
If the Amount type is 'Percentage' and the Amount is '50Rupees'. Considering the standard delivery Charge as 30 rupees.
Express Delivery Charge = 50% of (Standard delivery charge ) + Standard delivery charge = 50% (30 Rupees) + 30 Rupees = 15 + 30 = 45 Rupees will become the Express Delivery Charge.



Step 5:

             Week Days - You can add/remove the days on which you want to provide express delivery to your OrderEasy customers.

For example: If Tuesday is not configured in 'Week Days'. If your customer tries to select Express Delivery on Tuesday it will show them this message 'No slots available for the selected day. For other days, your customer will be able to view and select the slots available for Express Delivery.


Finally click "Save" to save the Express Delivery configuration.

Status - If you are not able to do express delivery (or) if you don't wish to do express delivery. You can disable express delivery by changing the status to 'Inactive'

For example: If you are in shortage of delivery personnel (or) if you feel express delivery is not possible today. You can just change the status to 'Inactive' so that the customer won't be able to select the option on the checkout page.




Once you provided all the inputs for the Express Delivery, click on "Save" in the bottom left corner.


*The delivery Slot restriction will be applicable to Express Deliveries too. So configure it accordingly*

For example: If the Delivery Slot Restriction is 1 hour and the Express Delivery Time is 1 hour or if it is under 60 minutes, the express delivery will not work. 


Steps to select the delivery slot in App.


A) Once all the desired item products are added to the cart, click 'Proceed to Buy'.



B) When you checkout the order an Alert pop screen will open. Please select the delivery method as 'DELIVERY'.



C) On the checkout screen, tap on "Select Delivery Slot" to see the created delivery slots.


D) On the "Delivery Slot" screen, select the desired slot for express delivery. After selecting the express delivery slot click on 'Confirm'.






E) Now "Proceed to Payment", & complete the order placement.


NOTE: The availability of a feature depends on the version and edition of your app. Raise a ticket in the integration portal to request for the latest update.


To learn more about app updates click here



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