How to configure bulk and repack items in OrderEasy?

How to configure bulk and repack items in OrderEasy?

Repacking is packing items in smaller quantities from a larger quantity of the same item i.e. splitting one big pack of an item into small packs.

When is repacking required?
There are certain items which are purchased in bulk but sold in small quantities. For example, items such as rice, sugar, pulses, grains etc. are purchased in larger quantities as a single pack (say 50 KG, 100 KG etc.). To the customer, it is sold as 500Grams, 1 KG, 2 KG, 5 KG packs etc. At this time, repacking is required. A 100 KG bag is cut opened and made into 100 small pockets of 1KG each (depending upon the needs).

Please refer the help documents below to create Bulk & Repack item creation in POS:

Selection procedure in OrderEasy:
After creating Bulk/Repack items in POS, enable Applicable for Online store/Applies online as "YES" and sync in the integration portal.
1. Now, open the OrderEasy app, you can see the drop-down for the items that are created as REPACK.

2. Now upon selecting the REPACKAGE item, amount will be calculated according to the price set in the POS and you can proceed with the check out process.

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